Colorado Bar Association Member Benefits

As an Approved CBA Member Advantage provider since 1999, IMA|Hofgard tailors health, life, disability, dental and long-term care insurance plans for lawyers throughout Colorado, as well as their firms and families.

Specifically, we can help you obtain quality, yet affordable -

Whether for a solo practitioner or a firm with hundreds of partners, associates, and employees, IMA|Hofgard is standing by to help you begin the quest for health insurance.

You have insured your home, your car, your business . . . what about your income? Long-term disability insurance can ensure that a debilitating injury or illness does not mean your paycheck stops when you need it most.

We are pleased to be the only brokers in Colorado that can offer CBA members UNUM Association sponsored long-term disability insurance that insures attorneys within their own profession. In addition, we offer Guardian, Mass Mutual, Union Central, Standard, and many other quality companies for both individual and group disability coverage.

CBA members, through IMA|Hofgard, are eligible for discounts on some dental plans.

There is no “one-size fits all” life insurance plan. Group, individual, term, whole life, variable . . . we can help CBA members sort out which plan can best provide for your loved ones and beneficiaries at the best price.